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A couple of years ago I took out membership in SiteSell, otherwise known as Site Build It!, but left them shortly thereafter.  I have since joined another hosting community, and I would like to make a comparison.

Overview of SBI

Owner:    Ken Evoy
Product:   Site Build It!
Price:  Yearly Membership – $299; Monthly membership – $29.99

Site Build It!, as its name suggests, is a site building utensil with which anyone can create a website for their business.  The company promotes the idea that the average person can turn their passion into a thriving business.

This is what first attracted me to the company, because I truly believe that our gifts, talents, abilities, passion, or experience can be used to advance us financially.

I initially signed up with SiteSell or (SBI) to give a web presence to a business which I began offline.  My business was in the startup stage, and their video tour showed testimonials of several ordinary people who had gained great success by using their system.  It was very inspiring and motivated me to take action with them.

The testimonials spoke of clients whose sites attract lots of traffic as a result of using their system. They promised that they would supply the training which was necessary to achieve your goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Let’s Look at Their Training Tools

SiteSell’s product, Site Build It!, provided intense lessons through an Action Guide which they refer to as their mentor.  In order to fully grasp the content of the Action Guide I had to take notes, and sometimes I had to repeatedly listen to the recordings. At the end of each lesson one was expected to answer questions before being able to pass on to the next lesson. This sometimes led to frustration on my part, since most of the material was new to me.

The training process they used is called C-T-P-M which stands for Content – Traffic -PreSell – Monetize.  For this process SiteSell used the following tools:

Brainstorm It is a research tool which helps the entrepreneur to discover the most searched-for keywords for any niche.  I never got a complete understanding of how to use Brainstorm It, despite numerous attempts watching videos and reading material. Requests for help from support did not shed any more light on the situation, and this became frustrating.

Content 2.0 is a tool which gains traffic for your website.  It does this by allowing visitors to your site to create web pages.  When a visitor creates web pages, other visitors can leave comments on their pages which in turn builds more content for your website and provides backlinks.

Types of Support

SiteSell offers support in the following ways: Forums, Customer Support, On-line Help and via a Newsletter.

Forums.  Forums are moderated, and lack a personal touch.  I never found the forums very useful when I had a specific question.  The forums seemed to be merely a repeat of what was printed in the guide, but was not geared toward an explanation.

On-line Help.  Available as needed.

Newsletter.  Their newsletter provided tips, strategies and other marketing information.

Customer Support.  The one time I asked for help from customer support my issue was not resolved to my satisfaction.  I needed help with my website header, but the result looked unprofessional, and I ended up asking for help offline, outside of SBI.

What I Liked About SBI

  • Numerous templates using WordPress
  • Content 2.0 – I think this is a great idea for exposing a business website to the world.  It helps both the business person and the visitor who creates a webpage.

What I Did Not Like About SBI

  • The difficulty of Brainstorm It, especially for beginners.
  • Expert help in creating your website came at an additional cost.
  • Training was very lengthy, and the questions following the lessons can create pressure for some new learners.

In recent years Site Build It! has become Solo Build It! I’m not sure what, if anything, has changed, since I cancelled my membership, so I cannot speak to that; instead, I prefer to present another option to those of you who are looking for an uncomplicated, but effective solution.

Another Option

My recommendation takes into account that this site seeks to provide information for retirees who may or may not have computer knowledge, and may not have any inclination of how they can make extra income.

I have done an in-depth review of Wealthy Affiliate on this site, but a synopsis is appropriate at this point.

The first positive feature about Wealthy Affiliate is their FREE membership.  Wealthy Affiliate gives each new member two free websites to get started in creating any business they desire, for as long as they want.  The free membership comes with the same ability to earn as you learn as the paid membership does, but of course, additional benefits are given to anyone who desires to become a paid member.  To see further details, click here.

The second remarkable feature about Wealthy Affiliate is their very supportive community of individuals.  As part of that community, I have asked several questions on training, WordPress or other topics, and have received satisfactory answers to any and all my questions.  This is very helpful for a beginner.  No answer is too stupid nor too insignificant to be ignored.

Each week there are comments from members stating how much they have learnt since joining Wealthy Affiliate, and expressing their gratitude to the owners who created the community.  Many say that their knowledge of internet marketing was nil before coming to Wealthy Affiliate.

These are some of the areas in which I have experienced satisfaction, not to mention the ease of the training.

If you are looking for a place to set up your business, I recommend taking a look at Wealthy Affiliate.  Remember you can begin with a FREE MEMBERSHIP.

I hope this review has been helpful for you as you begin your journey into an online business.

If you have any questions regarding anything I have said, please leave them in the comment section below.

Thanks for visiting.



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