Passive Income

What Is Meant By Passive Incomemoney

Passive Income is also known as Residual Income.   It is income that comes to you without your having to be actively working.

How Does It Start

Initially you will have to do a great deal of work to get your business set up and running, but after the initial set up, you will continue to get paid even if you do not continue to do actual work.

How Long Will The Income Continue

Residual income will continue to flow as long as the income source is secure.  There is always an element of risk in any business, and that is why it is important to research the company before you join up with them.  It is even better, however, to have several sources from which you can generate money.  If one source fails, you will still have another source.

Where You Can Find Passive Income

We have found that Affiliate Programs offer the best source of passive income, especially for seniors.  We know that you have worked hard in the past, and now that you are a retiree, you would prefer to relax.  With Affiliate Marketing you can have your cake and eat it too.

What Is a Good Source of Passive Income

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I really enjoy being a part of this Affiliate Program and I am sure you will be too.  Contact me by leaving a comment if you have any questions or need help in any way.  There is a whole community of help waiting for you.  You’re not alone.

Have a Bountiful Retirement!