Getting Started

laptop-33521_1280Getting started is not difficult even if you’ve never been in business before.

This is true because when you get started you are not alone.  Even in the vastness of the world wide web there is help and encouragement available for newbies.   This site will guide you through the beginning stages of starting your own business, and offer  hand-by-hand encouragement throughout the process.

Is this something that appeals to you?  If your answer is YES, then read on.

My Story

I became a retiree recently, and wanted to have some retirement income to supplement my social security.  I looked around for two years, for an affiliate program with which I felt comfortable, and I finally discovered  a group known as Wealthy Affiliates.  Here everyone begins in the same manner, whether they have done business before, or whether they’re brand new to the online world.

Wealthy Affiliates is a community of entrepreneurs who have been successful themselves in more than one business, and want to see others succeed.  There is an immediate warm  welcome for  each new member and loads of help and cooperation.

There are many possibilities on the internet for the average person to make a sizeable income, but only now have I found a program which will hold you by the hand and teach you the steps to create your own business.

Easy to Get Started

You might be saying to yourself that you don’t have any money or not a lot of money to invest in a business.  Again, that is why I want to introduce you to a way that you can start without any money.

You might be a little skeptical about “free” or “no money down opportunities”, but this one is real. We mean what we say. You can actually get started with a free website and try it out first, if you are uncertain or hesitant.

Step-by-Step Training

Along with the free websites (you get two) you are also given step-by-step training through videos, blogs, chat support, online tutorials and a community of people with various levels of experience.  Depending on how far you want to go with your business, there is also opportunity to advance to becoming a paid member, but just to get started, there is no cost.

I Got Started with No Money

And so can you!!  I am very happy with my progress so far.  I created two websites after only two weeks as a  member, and look forward to expanding my business to include my other interests and passions. It did not cost me anything to create the websites and get help, but I decided to explore my other options, and became a premium member for a trial period.

I believe that as a retiree looking for income, you will also be successful.  Stop by and hear what other members of the community also have to say.

Here is where you get started

I invite your to leave comments or questions below in the comment box and let me know how I can help you further. Click the word ‘comments’ to connect.