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Name:      WORDPRESS
Price:  Free

WordPress – Product Overview

WordPress is the leading software used for creating blogs and other websites.   Many people shy away from building a website because of their lack of knowledge of HTML coding and their inability to obtain help when looking to create a site. WordPress, is the answer to this problem, because there are no computer codes required to create or maintain a site, anyone can build an income by blogging for money from home.


  1.  No Set-up fees.  WordPress is easy to set up and there are no set-up costs.  All that is required is for a person to download a copy of the preferred theme on to their computer.  However, one must choose a place to host the blog on the web, and there would be a charge for that, depending on which host is chosen.
  2. Many Themes.  What is great about WordPress is that they provide many templates called “themes” from which an individual can choose.  There are many free themes which a beginner can use.  Usually a person will use something which appeals to their personality or to their niche. WordPress has over 2,000 themes: some free and some are available at a one-time low cost.
  3. Interchangeability.  What is fantastic about WordPress is that if, for any reason, you do not like the theme that you have chosen, you can replace it with another theme of your choice.


  1. Required Hosting.  You must purchase a domain name, and somewhere to host your blog.  However, even though I am listing this as a CON, it is not truly a con, because a hosting environment is necessary for any website.  But for anyone who is brand new to creating a site on the internet, it is necessary for me to state this fact in this review after having said that WordPress is free.  The software is free, but hosting is a paid event.


Who Is WordPress For

The Beginner.  Anyone can benefit from starting a blog with WordPress.  That’s how I began.  A WordPress blog looks like a professional website, and no one can really tell the difference, if you choose the right theme.  WordPress is perfect for the beginner because a beginning blogger usually would not have money to lose on startup costs.

The Advanced.  An advanced internet marketer who is looking for a professional business site will not be disappointed when choosing WordPress.  There are over 20,000 plug-ins which can be used for anything from affiliate marketing to e-commerce.  A professional may want to spend money on a specific theme which would allow him or her to do much more.

WordPress Tools and Training

Another fantastic reason to use WordPress is because there are numerous  support forums available.  Since this is the most widely used platform for bloggers, many people are available to assist with questions regarding any theme.  Each theme comes with its own available help, in addition to the community forums.

Best Training:  The easiest way to get started in creating a WordPress blog is by using the training provided at Wealthy Affiliate.  Not only do they provide two free websites to get you started, they also offer free hosting for those two websites.  Those websites would not have your own domain name, but you can learn on them, and then upgrade if you so choose.  wordpress-training

Price:  There is no cost to download a WordPress theme.  If you become a member of the community of Wealthy Affiliate, membership is also free which gives you a chance to see how everything works.

Final Opinion of WordPress

I give WordPress 98 out of 100.  I presently have about 5 sites which are all WordPress themes.  The only reason I have given 98 instead of 100 is because some of the themes are more difficult than others, and some of the ones you may like do not interchange comfortably when you replace one with another.  However, there are thousands to choose from.

For more information about Wealthy Affiliate and about WordPress, feel free to visit, or click below to begin.



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2 Responses to Blogging for Money from Home

  1. Keith Dyer says:

    Hi Judy, your review on WordPress is spot on. Before joining Wealthy Affiliate I used Blogger. I still have several blogs on that platform but I’m considering moving them over now that I have a better understanding of WordPress. Your review should be very helpful to anyone who is looking to start blogging or get into an online business.

    By the way, I love your theme! Did the the header graphic with the eagle come with the theme or is it something you added? You have done a nice job with your website.

    • Judy says:

      Thanks for stopping by Keith. I’m glad you are learning more about WordPress. I’ve always used WordPress and yet there is always more things to do with it, and Wealthy Affiliate supplies training like I’ve not seen before.

      My header with the eagle is my own creation, not part of the theme. I use it in all or most of my sites to be consistent. Glad you like it.

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